Divo partners with creators to develop exclusive regional language podcasts

Digital media and music company Divo – which recently announced its foray into the audio market with exclusive content for Spotify – has announced a partnership with a slate of creators to release podcasts in regional Indian languages.

Some of the audio creators Divo has partnered with includes Urlo Muchatlu of ‘Anil Geela Podcast’; Prasad of ‘Tech In Telugu with Prasad’; Gopi and Sudhakar; as well as RJ Sha, RJ Ananthi, Aranthangi Nisha, Rajmohan, Rishipedia, Kishen Das, Shanthnu & Kiki and MaKaPa Anand.

Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director, Divo said, “We have noticed a great rise in demand for regional and local language content on video and audio streaming apps. The podcast industry is growing at a humongous rate and even the adaption is very high, in rural as well as urban India. With this step, we aim to increase our offerings in the podcast segment and look forward to working with more content creators in building their profile.”

Divo will work with content creators to launch their own exclusive podcasts on Spotify through assistance with creative production, post-production, podcast operations, and further amplification on social media.

Top YouTubers Gopi and Sudhakar said, “It is easy to convey expressions and emotions via videos and we are kind of experts in that, whereas it is difficult to entertain in audio. So, we took this opportunity to partner with Divo and Spotify and we look forward to entertaining people as much as possible in the Podcast too.”

Actor and digital content creator Kishen Das, host of ‘Time Pass with Das’ said, “Podcasts offer a more personal medium to talk and interact [with] on topics that you wouldn’t rather consider discussing. It has helped me reach out to a small niche but a niche that is loyal and attentive.”

RJ Sha, who’s got over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube said “I have always believed in the power of podcasts because of its ability to foster a sense of personal connection with my captive audience. The satisfaction of being able to touch someone’s life in a positive manner is something that I will forever be grateful about.”

In 2020, India became the third largest podcast market in the world. According to the Financial Express, the country’s podcast consumers have grown from four million in 2016 to an estimated 90 million in 2022.

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