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Delhi High Court disposes off complaints filed against IPRS & PPL



The Delhi High Court has disposed off the complaints filed by Shubha Mudgal & some other music composers against IPRS & PPL alleging non-payment of royalties and laundering of money. The complaint had led to raids against several music companies last year. Considering the fact that the affidavits of all the complainants of the FIR in question, namely, Ms. Shubha Mudgal, Mr. Manoj Tiwari, Ms. Chitra Singh, Mr. Pankaj Udas, Mr. Anup Jalota and Ms. Asha Bhosale have been filed giving their No Objection to the quashing of FIR in question, the Hon. Court quashed the FIR.

Speaking to Music Plus, Ms Shubha Mudgal said,

“I had file a No Objection to quashing of the FIR and had also appeared in the Delhi High Court as I feel things will now be in place and will be beneficial for the artistes.”

Music Plus also spoke to Mr Ashish Rego, who is on the Board of Directors IPRS, about the case.

“Ms Mudgal and the others have withdrawn they are satisfied as to how the organisation is running. Also the authors and composers are back in the IPRS team and they are quite confident in the new leadership. IPRS is now moving towards complete streamlining and transparency of operations” said Mr Rego.

Copy of the court order

(pic : Copy of the Court Order)

The order effectively quashes the FIR which formed the very basis for initiating the investigations under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act by the Enforcement Directorate and should come as a relief to all concerned.

The IPRS, formed in 1969, is a representative body of Owners of Music, viz. The Composers, Lyricists (or Authors) and the Publishers of Music and is also the sole Authorized Body to issue Licences permitting usage of Music within India by any person.


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