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Decoding Desi Hip-Hop: Swadesi



A group of young Emcee’s, producers, DJs and Graffiti Artists called Swadesi aim to bring about change through their art and music. Believing that the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, their ideology is to empower the youth with the idea of ‘Swadesi’ i.e., embracing all things Indian. Their creations and music reflect this school of thought. Swadesi comprises of Shantanu Pujari aka Shakahari (Manager), Mawali (Marathi/Hindi Emcee), Tod Fod (Gujrati/Hindi Emcee), Mayavi (Malayalam Emcee), Sarkar (Hindi Emcee), 100RBH (Marathi Emcee), Lobster (Graffiti Artist), Raakshas (Producer/DJ), Naar (Producer) and Griz Baba (BeatBoxer).



What is the origin of your band’s name and how did you form your band?

Rajiv Dixit Swadeshi movement is the origin. We were a group of rebels of the society and we wanted to raise our voices so we got to together to form Swadesi.

What inspired you to make music and what is the theme of your songs?

Suppression! The fact that we are not allowed to express makes us want to express even more. Music is one of the best ways of expression for us. Revolution is the theme. We are the voice of the people.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? 

Our music has evolved drastically. We started making music in 2012 when we were a group called Funky Disodaz. It was really raw and basic. Now it is a lot more mature with two producers getting better every day and with an experienced sound engineer with us, we are on the right path.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? 

To get food on every one’s plates is our biggest challenge yet (through Hip-Hop). And we are sure it is the same for many others.

Any upcoming project that you are working on? 

CHAITAVANI, our new album is coming out which features Delhi Sultanate, Gandu and Dr. Das.

How do you see the approach of independent musicians in our country? 

Independent music in our country is an illusion. No one really knows who was in it or which artist were trying to get heard. Slowly Hip-Hop is changing and will soon take over every genre there is and will be the greatest thing to happen to the independent music scene.

Your biggest achievement till date. 

Our biggest achievement will be the album which is set to release later this year.

Abhishek Singh

Author: Abhishek Singh

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