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Decade end Gujarati music- Reviewed



Year 2019 ended on a rather low note for Gujarati music industry as not many songs or albums released in the month. However, some songs caught our attention and some announcements were made regarding new album releases, which fans of Gujarati music have been anticipating for quite sometime.

Odhaji (JIgardan Gadhvi) – Label: Tips Gujarati

Jigardan Gadhvi’s recent release Odhaji is one of the most popular songs in Gujarati, and every child has grown up hearing and singing the traditional song. This song is aimed at presenting a new version of the famous bhajan. Composed by Priya Saraiya, the song definitely has a new tone but the likability of the song is still based on the original tune. While one can definitely appreciate the effort, the song doesn’t make a special place in your heart. It will be one of the songs which one would croon along whenever it plays, but not on loop.

Khushiyo Tamari Ne Dard Mara (Rakesh Barot), Label: RDC / Shree Ram Audio and Telefilms

Rakesh Barot is most certainly one of the popular names in Gujarat and over the years has created a loyal fanbase for his music. For the unaware who would listen to him for the first time, he may seem like Altaf Raja of Gujarati music. His recent release ‘Khushiyo Tamari Ne Dard Mara’ might be promoted as a heartful rendition as many of his fans would love what he has presented this time. However, it has the regular rhythm and beats which we have heard in many of his compostions in the past and that would probably be one of the many drawbacks of the song. Lyrics by Harjeet Panesar talk about separation of a couple and the effect it has on the lovers. The makers have ensured there is a backstory fans would enjoy in the video release of the song. While you may listen or watch the song once, you will certainly cringe with the video quality and the production. The song would feel fairly alright in comparison to the supporting visuals.

Have Hasave Ke Radave janu Tara haath Ma (Jignesh Barot), Label: Temple Studio

Songs on heart breaks are very common in Gujarat and I believe the only way many composers vent out their stress or pain, is through their compositions. One of them who is known for such songs is Jignesh Barot, who has released yet another song, this time pressing over the pain one deals after being betrayed or deceived. However, that is not what one experiences, as it unfortunately makes one laugh out loud. Penned by Rajan Rayka, Dhaval Motan and composed by Jitu Prajapati, the song is below average and difficult to listen to, even for the first minute. Despite all the odds, the song has been heard 788,809 times on YouTube, and that’s rather astonishing.


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