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Dating a Musician? Here are 10 pro tips to get you through!



Toote hue dil se Sangeet nikalta hai” were the words of Khatara Bhai in Rockstar. A metaphor which emphasizes on one thing. A musician’s mysterious mind. Khatara Bhai didn’t mean that you need to break up to create music. All he meant was to discover your soul.

A musician’s heart isn’t an easy nut to crack. It has layers of complex symphonies and turbulent harmonies and you got to clear them all if you want to connect. Here are 10 things that you should keep in mind if you dating a musician.

Never ever ask him, “Is music your hobby or you want to make a career out of it?”
Asking this to a musician is an act of blasphemy. You simply cannot commit such a cardinal sin and get away with it.

Never say no if he/she invites you to a gig
Gigs, no matter how big or small they might be, are important to a musician. Because that is where you see their raw true self and unless you see that, their artistic side will remain unexplored.

If a musician recommends something, give it a listen.
They want to introduce you to some quality music which you might not have heard. And, there is a reason. It’s a musician’s way of breaking the ice and making things comfortable.

Try not to nag them by commenting on their appearance
Grooming is never a priority. Those dread locks or unshaved beards aren’t a wannabe cry but a middle finger to the unsolicited rules set by this society.

Talk about legends like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix with them
It gives them immense pleasure if the conversation is surrounding people they worship. Makes things easy for you.

Be patient every time they share a new tune or a composition with you
Remember, you’re the first person they want to share it with. And who knows, that bedroom tune might just turn out to be the biggest hit of the calendar year.

Be open with the prospect of learning an instrument
Sometimes, they might push it but there is no harm in trying out a new instrument. Imagine the number of strings getting attached in that learning session.

Never talk ill about classical music
Every musician has a lot of respect for the roots of music. You might not be a fan of classical music but try not to mock it in front of them.

Excuse them if they tend to forget dates
They are moody creatures. Sometimes, they might end up forgetting the 4 months or the first kiss anniversary. Let it pass. They know how to make things right.

And lastly,

Be the harmonies to their notes
A metaphor again which simply iterates to supporting their dream. It might sound unreal but that’s what an artist’s life revolves around.

Are you dating one yet? Go ahead, what are you waiting for.

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