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Danish music streaming app Moodagent launches in India


The international music streaming app Moodagent launches in India with the promise of a dynamic and intuitive personalised listening experience.

Based in Denmark, the India launch is part of Moodagent’s expansion into Asia Pacific following success in Europe and their recent launch in Australia.

The Moodagent India office will be led out of New Delhi and Mumbai, headed by Jyoti Handa as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Moodagent India.

Speaking on the launch, Handa said,

“The pandemic has redefined the listening space in India taking it well on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading music markets. We definitely see the launch of Moodagent fortifying that positioning. With Moodagent, we hand over the controls to the listener, serving their moods and grooves to build a customised experience, where the exciting act of music discovery doesn’t feel intimidating or like a chore.”

Moodagent’s patented core technology combines artificial intelligence with in-depth music analysis, which gives listeners the ability to automatically create highly personalised, interactive playlists and then intuitively adjust them to match their individual moods, even as those change.

“Our hero is the technology that understands that our moods are never static and nor do they exist in a world of black and white. We’re thrilled to show how Moodagent can empower listeners to discover new artists and inspire others to do the same through sharing and community,” stated Handa.

The app’s music recommendations are based on the user’s taste, but also linked by a comprehensive model of music characteristics, meaning Moodagent can recommend songs and artists that are entirely unfamiliar to the user, while still being exactly what the user wants to hear at that particular moment.


Founded by music enthusiasts Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson in 2020, the company has its offices in Berlin, Sydney, Delhi, and Mumbai, with the goal of being present in 25+ countries by the end of 2023.

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