Crunchyroll launches new music initiative: celebrating Japanese music and artists in the world of anime

The ever-expanding global appeal of popular Japanese music has found a burgeoning audience worldwide. For fans seeking to explore both established and up-and-coming acts, the intersection of music and anime proves to be an invaluable gateway. The immersive power of music in anime cannot be understated, as it serves as a driving force behind the emotional impact and narrative depth of the medium.

In line with its commitment to providing the ultimate anime experience, Crunchyroll, the video on-demand OTT service, has recently unveiled a music initiative that celebrates Japanese music and its talented musicians.

At the core of this initiative lies Crunchyroll’s new music and content hub, an all-encompassing platform that grants fans access to a vast collection of videos and an extensive roster of popular and contemporary artists, all made possible through the partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ).

With a steadfast dedication to curating a comprehensive music library that caters to the discerning anime community, Crunchyroll’s Indian fanbase and loyal Crunchyroll users can now revel in an array of captivating offerings. These include an extensive array of short-form music videos, over 100 full-length live concerts, and a multitude of concert performances and videos available through the platform’s SVOD service.

The Crunchyroll roster now boasts notable acts such as MAN WITH A MISSION, SPYAIR, KANA-BOON, Goose House, amazarashi, Survive Said The Prophet, SUPER BEAVER, sumika, NICO Touches the Walls, Aimer, YOASOBI, LiSA, Hiroyuki Sawano, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Ikimonogakari, UVERworld, BURNOUT SYNDROMES, SAYURI, and many more.

Additionally, the platform features music videos and performances by renowned artists like L’Arc-en-Ciel, renowned for their contributions to Edens Zero and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, as well as the talented voice actress Shoko Nakagawa, recognized for her work in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, Dragon Ball Super, and her significant contribution to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s fifth ending song.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll has expanded its offerings to cater to K-pop enthusiasts. The inclusion of music videos from beloved K-pop groups such as OH MY GIRL, 2PM, and GOT7 allows fans to indulge in the harmonious convergence of different Asian music genres, further enhancing the platform’s diverse musical landscape.

As Crunchyroll continues to innovate, the platform promises to offer enhanced discoverability and show page integrations in the future, ensuring an even more immersive and seamless experience for music aficionados. Furthermore, the global popularity of anime has been bolstered by the inclusion of influential playlists on major streaming platforms. Noteworthy examples include Spotify’s Anime Hits, Anime on Replay, and Anime Now playlists, as well as Apple Music’s New in: Anime and Anime Character Songs selections.

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