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The Clash: A multi-genre collaboration celebrating sounds of Indian underground music



Conceptualised and launched by 4/4 Entertainment The Clash is a creative experiment with eight artists from across four cities in India. Featuring bands like Providence (Metal), Swadesi (Multilingual Rap), Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective (Hip Hop), Karajimo (Alt Rock), Street Academics (Rap), Space Behind the Yellow Room (Post Rock), Boombay Djembe Folas (West African Folk), and Func (Electronica),The Clash: Edition One EP is a multilingual, multi-genre collaborative EP with sounds from the Indian underground.

This creative endeavour has been supported from its inception by the creative stalwarts at Red Bull. The Clash is no ordinary EP as there are elements of Rap, West African folk, Hip Hop, Metal and Electronica facing off, resulting in the birth of a new sound that is a product of a moment in time. The Clash aims to challenge prevalent musical ideas and escape creative stagnation that plagues the homegrown music scene. It’s about blending cultures, languages, genres and art forms to deliver a ‘never before, never again’ experience with every edition. These one-off collaborations are delivered as unique live show experiences and captured as content which 4/4 Entertainment plans to keep releasing as one-of-a-kind audio and video collaborations.

When asked about the overall experience, Anand Bhagat of Boombay Djembe Folas says:

“I am very happy with the outcome, which is the track of course apart from the really fun show. This way, you get to know a bit about the process another musician from a very different genre follows. The outcome can be very fascinating.”

Shoumik Biswas of Space Behind the Yellow Room adds:

“The Clash is an interesting experiment. It’s always a little intimidating to work with people who come from a different world. But, once you get past that phase, it’s a great experience to share. I only wish we could spend more time to get to know each other’s worlds.”

You can listen to The Clash  exclusively on Red Bull India here.

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