Chartmetric launches Onesheet: Instant digital press kits for artists

Leading music data analytics firm, Chartmetric, announced the launch of Onesheet (, an innovative platform designed to empower artists and managers in crafting digital one-sheets within seconds.

Onesheet aims to revolutionize the industry by offering users a seamless experience to search for their favorite artists and effortlessly generate personalized websites showcasing an array of essential data. From track statistics and streaming numbers to live event details, audience demographics, social media engagement, and more.

Snapshot of the platform |

Currently in its beta version, Onesheet will be available to all users free of charge until September 1, making it a must-try tool for artists and their teams.

The acquisition of Onesheet by Chartmetric in October 2022 marked the company’s first venture into strategic acquisitions. Originally founded by the duo, Stevie Elsworth and Mike Miller, this UK-based platform boasted its ability to swiftly gather data from Spotify and the web, resulting in extensive one-sheets that remain up-to-date.

The platform’s name is inspired from the widely-used one-sheets in the music industry, offering a comprehensive snapshot of an artist’s career and latest releases.

Ease-of-use is said to be at the core of Onesheet, featuring a user-friendly interface that enables artists and managers to effortlessly edit their sheets by moving content around, adding personalized imagery, or hide irrelevant data with a few clicks.

Andreas Katsambas, President & COO of Chartmetric, expressed his admiration for the platform, stating, “Drawing from my experience in the music industry, I am truly impressed by how Onesheet enhances the visibility and promotion of artists. Its intuitive interface simplifies the process while providing a comprehensive overview of any artist. This invaluable tool benefits not only music industry professionals but also artists across all levels.”

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