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Cd Baby ventures into Asia Pacific as part of global expansion, announces key hirings



CD Baby has announced multiple new-hires as part of their global expansion. The new positions include representatives for Canada, Latin America, East Asia/Pacific, and the UK and Europe.

CD Baby has also expanded and regionalised to better support artists in international markets.

In Canada, Darryl Hurs will take on the role of CD Baby’s representative. Darryl is the Owner/CEO of Indie Week Canada and Indie Week UK, making him well-positioned to represent CD Baby as a passionate part of Canada’s indie scene.

“I am looking forward to being part of the international marketing team of CD Baby representing Canada,” Hurs says. “I’ve run Indie Week for the last 18 years with the focus on helping indie artists and I look at this as an opportunity to step it up to a higher level. I am especially excited to help artists and businesses build success stories.”

In Colombia, Johanna Rivera will act as an additional representative for the surrounding area, including Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Johanna worked as Head of Customer Operations for a digital distribution company for two years, where she learned how to work with the artists to understand their goals and act as their most trusted advisor to kickstart their careers.

“I am happy to be part of a team created by artists for artists,” said Riviera. “Colombia is a big market and the artists are ready to grow. We are the partner to make that happen.”

In Singapore, Keith Tan will be taking on the new position as Asia Pacific representative, covering markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia, and others. Previously, Keith was the Co-Founder of Wonderlabs.io, which helps companies build offshore technical teams in Indonesia.

“Asia Pacific has a growing market of independent artists that are putting out content and music at a very high rate. We see potentially high growth in markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia,” notes Tan. “We look forward to working with artists from these parts to assist them in their artistic journey.”

Finally, CD Baby is hiring Henriette Heimdal as Market Development Coordinator to aid in their work in Europe and the UK. Henriette joins CD Baby from the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) where she has served as Membership & Territory Development Coordinator for the past 3 years, working with independent music trade associations worldwide.

These regional specialists will either expand CD Baby’s existing presence in their area, or launch a new regional presence.

“CD Baby is committed to becoming a global leader and to serving independent artists around the world. We need to be present where the artists are, and to provide artists everywhere the ability to get support and access to our services the way our US artists do,” says Heli Del Moral, CD Baby’s VP for International Development. “We feel it is very important to be physically present in these regions. To this end, we are expanding our global team with industry professionals who believe deeply in our vision and share our passion for indie artists.”

In addition to experts on the ground, CD Baby is adding a series of Artist Support Centres around the world, starting with the UK in the coming months. These centers will give specific advice in local languages tailored to the needs of artists in those locales. They will add a new dimension to CD Baby’s current relationships with local PROs, publishers, and other significant organizations that power careers for independent artists and labels.


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