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How can an image consultant boost your singing career?


Singers are in a unique position with their talent being felt in people’s hearts. A singer has in her/him the power to generate love in people’s lives. What a great position to be in! Most singers do recognise this gift and continuously work to improve their quality of singing. But is it all that matters to enhance the gift? In the era of constant visibility, it is important for singers to work on how they come across – X factor.

An image consultant can be your perfect guide to boost the X factor and support you in expressing yourself in the most earnest way. Several singers prefer to put on a show and that may be easy, but to sincerely express and not lie to oneself is the real deal. Along with your singing training, you need to train your reflexes of body language, words and dress to create that impression of how you express yourself.


An image consultant can equip you with self-help to combine the natural instincts with fresh changes in personality and bring harmony in expression. With years of experience an image consultant can help bring that successful combination in your life.

Emphasising the importance of X factor that an image consultant can create and the unique role they can play in the career of musicians. Wonder how? Let’s look at few examples and understand the significances of having an image consultant.

First and foremost, a good consultant can help remove your inhibitions on stage and help you be totally confident. The ideal way is understanding the goals and aligning them with actions. As a singer this will help you to prevent wastage of energy in worry. I would like to call it ‘unacting acting’ where you are acting, but you don’t realise that you are. People love you when you they see this version of you.

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Next is to accentuate your personality. Your appearance/looks, posture and body language can have a deep impact on the audience. Around people, you want people to be mesmerised with your personality. This is not about giving away your unique style and showing off but adding useful changes to connect better. An image consultant can guide the singer on how to dress according to their style depending on the genre. Given that musicians are always in the limelight, an image consultant will even guide them what to wear, when and how keeping in mind that the singers personal style is intact.

Networking because no career nowadays is a desk job. Same goes for creative professions such as musicians. You need give and talk to people if you wish to create opportunities for yourself. An image consultant can be your trusted guide to help build your network with ease. They share some time tested techniques to strike a conversation, break the ice and be remembered for interaction with people.

Image consultants do play a crucial role in helping singers to handle Media Interactions. The consultant prepares the singer from handling press conferences to interviews on television, radio and print media. They help the artist to present their real personality especially while promoting their music. A singer also needs to know when to be tight-lipped about their private life that is what not to say in a social platform.

It is about syncing the inner strengths and helping musicians create lasting first impression – A good image consultant can do this particularly well with the artists.

Lastly, enjoy your accomplishments for life is too short for negative energy!

This article is written by Nancy Katyal, Lead Image Consultant & Behavioural Skills Trainer at ‘The Perfect YOU’.

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