ByteDance announces shutdown of Resso in India

ByteDance, the parent company behind the popular app TikTok, is set to close its premium music streaming service, Resso, in India by January 31.

Music Business Worldwide reported that a spokesperson from ByteDance confirmed the decision, citing “local market conditions” as the determining factor. Users will be provided with a refund for any remaining subscription fees.

Resso initially entered the Indian market in March 2020 and continued its operations even after TikTok faced a ban in the country. However, in a move reported by MoneyControl, the Indian government has directed Apple and Google to remove Resso from their respective app stores. As a result, the app is no longer available for download from Google Play or the Apple App Store in India. For existing users who already have the app installed, it will continue to function, but new subscriptions cannot be purchased.

ByteDance clarified that the closure of Resso in India will not impact TikTok Music, a separate premium music streaming service that the company is actively expanding globally.

TikTok Music is currently accessible in five markets: Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia. Launched in October 2023, TikTok Music saw its public release after an initial beta roll-out in July 2023. However, there are no plans to introduce TikTok Music in India.

The announcement follows the discontinuation of Resso in Brazil and Indonesia on September 5, 2023, coinciding with the launch of TikTok Music in those markets. ByteDance had previously assured Resso users that they could seamlessly transfer their accounts to TikTok Music with a simple click.

Despite the closure of Resso in the country, ByteDance remains focused on the global expansion of TikTok Music, emphasizing its commitment to delivering innovative music streaming experiences worldwide.

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