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Bullet For My Valentine- The alternate love songs



If feeling mushy in love is your thing, this article isn’t for you. Do you want to shoot down the cupid with his arrows? Read on.

It’s that dreadful date on the calendar created by the gifts and cards industry to push their sales up and the average human IQ down. Half of the city will be decked in pink, hearts pinned up at any spot available, restaurants entertaining only couples who drool over each other like a pack of wolves after a fresh hunt.

“I’ve been the king, I’ve been the clown
Now broken wings can’t hold me down
I’m free again.”

Sang Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Goodbye To Romance”. If the prince of darkness wants to stay away from it, there has to be a good reason behind it. Though Ozzy meant it for his exes and friends, it is clear that he surely did come undone out of relationships.

Whatever be the reason for Ozzy’s troubles, Motorhead made their reason and intention clear in “Bye Bye B!tch Bye Bye” with

“you know all the reasons and I know all their names
trying to keep secrets, babe, ain’t your strongest game
running ’round this city, running outta tales
I’m gonna make you sorry, honey, i’m gonna make you wail.”

While Lemmy sounded like, well a Motorhead, Bob Dylan was more forgiving with his words.

“I ain’t sayin’ you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don’t mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don’t think twice, it’s alright.”

Dylan hinted at his former girlfriend through the song before ending it with the above words. But then that was Dylan. He can murder a man and make him feel sad for living so long, through his words.

No Remorse

On the other hand Slayer would want you to kill yourself.

“You were just a waste of sperm
They way you look makes my stomach turn
The way you think is no way at all.”

Well the song is named ‘I Hate You’ so one can’t expect much better from the Thrash Kings.

Keeping them company are their good friends, Metallica with their cover of Misfit’s ‘Die Die My Darling’.
Well the song’s name, if taken in German, is pretty romantic. Actually so is a bit of the song. Hetfield just wants her to “Don’t cry to me oh baby” and “Don’t utter a single word” while promising

“I’ll be seeing you again
I’ll be seeing you, in hell.”

The venue may not be idyllic but the intentions are so damn pure.

What is love?

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister feels ‘Love Is For Suckers’. He makes it clear that Love is for dreamers, believers and losers so basically love is for suckers. Dee is not some poor fool and he ain’t gonna crawl, so if you want him, you’ll have to get him. And so what if you’re beautiful and unforgettable, to him that just don’t mean anything. Well that’s calling a spade a spade.

Axl Rose says at the start of ‘Used To Love Her’ in the ‘Live Era’ album, “this song was written because sometimes you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is a pain in the a@* and you wish you could cut his f*ckin’ head off and bury him or her in the backyard. I sometimes feel this way about my passions.”

One can’t blame the poor guy when he sang..

“I used to love her, ooh yeah but I had to kill her
She bitched so much, she drove me nuts
And now I’m happier this way.”

Aerosmith thought ‘Falling In Love Is Hard On Your Knees’ but Nazareth felt that basically ‘Love Hurts.’ The J. Gelis Band went around in circles with..

“You love her
But she loves him
And he loves somebody else
You just can’t win.”

until they finally decided ‘Love Stinks.’

It was just “seven hours and 15 days since you took your love away from me” and Sinead O’Connor cried her heart out just like Michael Jackson wailed in ‘She’s Out of My Life.’

Simon’s ways, Gaye’s question and a dream

Paul Simon was a smart man, he planned ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’ but actually came up with just 5. He asked Jack to “Slip out the back” and Stan to “Make a new plan.” Roy was coy so he wanted him to “just set yourself free” while Gus was made to “Hop on the bus” and he had nothing for Lee so he twisted his advice to Roy and asked Lee to “get yourself free.” So technically just 4 or 4 ½, ways. We are still waiting for the rest.

While Paul was finding other ways, Marvin Gaye was stuck with the question ‘When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You.’ A masterpiece this one.

The one question I have is, what did The Smiths mean by ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’? It just doesn’t sound right.

The love blame game

Talk about being judgmental, Michael Stipe took it global. He squarely blamed that ‘Everybody Hurts’ on R.E.M’s ‘Automatic For The People’ album.

Ugly Kid Joe blamed the rain, sunny weather, beach, mountains, city and the country side too!
So he sang,

“I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you!

When Jack was messing around behind her back, Joan Jett wasn’t jealous but was remorseful. Bleeding her heart out she proclaimed ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You’ and blamed Jack for taking her heart and pride away.

“I strike any hour
I will return
To trap and devour
In the dead of night love bites.”

Warned Judas Priest but it fell on, mostly, deaf ears.


Humans tend to fall in love all the time even for no apparent reason. A trait songwriters and music labels have exploited to the hilt. ‘Love Songs’ have never gone off the charts even though they have waned off the quality index. As you read this, the air waves are full of singers proclaiming never dying love to unseen entities or wailing over a heartbreak.

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