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Bollywood trying to be angrez!


5 songs with overuse of English lyrics

Creativity is about doing something unique. Now that unique thing can be a rant on social issues, a commentary on politics or maybe just the usual things that annoy you.

Though that unique thing cannot be a mix and match of two languages. It isn’t necessary at all in the first place. Well, Bollywood has done it on several occasions. Let’s trip on such songs where the makers ended up overusing angrez.

My adorable darling

A gem from the same movie that gives us this classic line – Saala aila oofma aai ga pori aali aali. Yes, you need some serious psychedelia to come up with something like this. After its title song, the makers thought it’s time to globalise and they came up with another song – My adorable darling.

Bollywood trying to be angrez

What is mobile number

When the world says weird shit, we judge. But, when Govinda says it, we love it. What is mobile number, what is your style number is the nth example of this. I understand that mobiles were a new thing back then, but wtf is a style number?

Bollywood trying to be angrez

Why did you break my heart

Aamir Khan, ladies and gentlemen. When Manisha Koirala broke his heart in Akele Hum Akele Tum, he obviously made a song out of it. But, he couldn’t stay loyal to his mother tongue. He went all Pitbull and with Anu Malik’s charismatic vocals, why did you break my heart became a cult.

Bollywood trying to be angrez


One love

’90s kids give me a cheer. Didn’t you go crazy when you heard Shaan’s One love, Dhadkan Kahe, One love? But didn’t you hate it when you knew that it actually was, one love, for the mother’s pride, one love? Basically, Ctrl C Ctrl V – 101 was this song and we loved to hate the English bit of it for some bizarre reasons.

Bollywood trying to be angrez

It’s raining

Another Anu Malik gem. I feel he had a thing for using English in his songs. The song begins perfectly by describing an overrated phenomenon which people associate with romance and Pakodas, Baarish. But then after describing this in the first line, Anu does it again in the second line in English.

Bollywood trying to be angrez

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