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The Batch of 2019: Bollywood Debutants from the first half of the year – Karan Sehmbi



A Chandigarh born lad, with a degree in Interior Design, had no plans of becoming a singer, so he says. Karan Sehmbi, the latest addition to our list of The Batch of 2019: Bollywood Debutants from the first half of the year, entered Bollywood with the chart-topping song, Photo from the movie Luka Chuppi.

His musical journey started during his college days in Chandigarh. Through enough pestering from his friends, he went on to crack the audition for Voice of Punjab Season 2. Despite not being able to win the show, avenues kept opening for his singing career.

The rising talent soon caught T-Series’ attention, with whom his first album, Spotlight came to being.

“After years of preparation and hard work, in 2013, T-Series realised my potential. It was then that my professional singing career took off,” says Sehmbi.

Karan was working diligently in Punjab and his work mostly pertained within the State until then. Since his first album released, he maintained a certain gap until Photo released in 2016. The song started doing exceptionally well in Punjab and in the neighbouring cities.

Photo was originally a Punjabi song released under T-Series Apna Punjab. His ties with T-Series acted as an advantage for his breakthrough.

By the beginning of 2017, it was decided that Photo would be in a movie but Sehmbi did not know which one it would be. Fast forward to 2019, Photo is one of the years biggest hits.

“This is just the beginning and I have just entered so there is a long way to go,” trusts Sehmbi.

He feels happy about being able to sing the recreated version of the song for the movie. Photo for Luka Chuppi was recreated by Tanishk Bagchi who has a kitty of recreations to his name which has bombarded music charts including Music Plus’ Plus Chart multiple times.

On being asked about how he felt working with Bagchi, he says

“Tanishk Bagchi is a big name and the opportunity I got to work with him was just wonderful. The song took a wonderful shape due to his care and command. I hope to work with him in future.”

Being just one song old in the industry, Sehmbi realises the long way that he needs to tread. He plans to surge ahead with patience in spite of movies being offered to him from the Punjabi and Bollywood movie industries.

The transition that Sehmbi has made from a regional to mainstream cinema has impacted his reach widely. However, he feels that a comparison cannot be drawn between the two individual industries.

“Today if you see, you will find maximum Punjabi songs in Bollywood. The borders that are drawn do not exist in the entertainment world.”

Sehmbi recollects his faintest memory of singing in school. He jokes saying that it was something the teachers made compulsory for every student. Today he looks at that incident and counts that more like a boost. What started on a whim, took the turn of a full-fledged career for him.

From releasing singles to working on movies, Sehmbi acknowledges there is a larger input of effort required for films. Even for a fresher to start as a YouTuber or to grow into a professional musician, there are many stakes involved. The hard work and pressure to do justice to the idea and emotion is equally the same, reckoned Sehmbi.

Sehmbi counts every day as an adventure as he himself does not know what the future holds for him, but it does excite him. His positivity makes him aspire more, he says,

“When I first started I definitely had a desire to be a part of Bollywood. Today, I feel fortunate and want to do as many songs as I can. I am so excited to work on new songs now.”

During the conversation with Sehmbi, I also got to know how intricately the entire industry stands. Sehmbi had no idea that Photo had been adapted in Luka Chuppi. Interestingly, he came to know through his hairstylist who had come to know from an actor, who in return had come to know through another actor. The handing down of information takes place even faster than sources. It was only after two days that Sehmbi was handed an official offer with a grand party.



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