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Blurring the line between a music channel and a music label, one beat at a time – Rajitta Hemwani, senior VP, 9X Media




Music channels and music labels have for long been hand in glove for promoting music and creating new platforms for artists. The thought of combining the two was far-fetched as both were looked upon as being specialists in their own field. This was until Rajitta Hemwani joined the 9X Media group as the senior vice-president of the company’s creative content and new business wing.

“When I joined the channel, I wanted to offer something different from the other music channels. I wanted to utilise my expertise in the music industry. Every music channel plays Bollywood music and we definitely want to do more than just Bollywood music,” asserted Rajitta.

When the idea of ‘SpotlampE’ sprung up, a lot of people were speculative about a music channel venturing into the music label business. SpotlampE is a stage for musically-talented, who can sing and/or compose original music that appeals to large sections of the millennial population. If you are talented and have been on the look-out for a well-deserved break, the logical thing to do would be approaching music labels to air your video on their Youtube channels or launch your own channel.

“I think SpotlampE is an ideal platform for the artists. We can provide the artist what a label provides, in fact a lot more as we have more screens to project their songs to the millions of 9XM viewers. So it’s a win-win situation,” expressed Rajitta.

9XM have also started a new vertical for talent management but they want to limit the number of artists on their roster. Rajitta feels that if as an artist you can offer a complete package i.e good voice, song and video, she could provide you with an ideal platform to launch your music. 9XM is known to launch their music by going all out on the promotions even if the artist is not exclusively signed with the company. The songs are promoted 10 or 20 times a day across all their TV channels apart from strategic social media campaigns.


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Every music label scouts for an artist who is talented enough to fit in their scheme of things, to sign on a multi-year deal. In return the labels would surely expect a percentage from the artist’s earnings to cover the expenses incurred while promoting the artist, the production cost etc. Rajitta plans to stick to the traditional methods of the music label business.

“I think it is fair enough on our side. Every deal we make is curated according to the particular artist and our conviction in the artiste. If we are signing you for a long-term deal, we can take care of the basic needs and ensure a certain monthly income. We follow the industry norms. No point creating a new norm just for the sake of it,” said Rajitta.

Rajitta not only entertains the demo tapes from aspiring and upcoming artists but also from a lot of established names. She feels forced to be very selective in choosing the artist they would like to have on board as they want to focus on quality-driven promotions rather than increasing the number of artists on their roster. They do not limit themselves to promoting only the artists they have signed but promote the ones that are possible.

“If we like your work, we will promote your music across all our platforms. There is no money involved,” said Rajitta.

That would be heartening for every aspiring musician looking for a break in this chaotic world of music. Her team ensures that the songs of every artist are streamed on all music streaming sites, played on the radio channels and they get press coverage via interviews.

“We do everything a music label does. Our channels are a bonus for the artists,” quips Rajitta.

Established artists like Shankar Mahadevan, Mika, Daler Mehndi, Kailash Kher, Salim Sulaiman to name a few have already associated with the label.

“The established artists working with us have or are launching their songs on our label as it will help them gain better traction compared to other labels who don’t have the network that we do,” opined Rajitta.

Rajitta is all game for different genres of music, from commercial to experimental music. There are no bars on the language as she believes in scouting for new sounds. She is more than happy to feature lesser known artists or genres of music on her platform.

“Essentially we are a Bollywood channel. But the idea is to create a platform for new music to reach out to the masses. Whether it is from a new artist or an established one, it does not matter. They both have equal respect from us, good music is what we are looking for,” asserted Rajitta.

Under SpotlampE, Rajitta is launching an array of new music from various artists. Such platforms can be productive for musicians from every corner of the country. A SpotlampE original album with fresh talent should not be a difficult task for her.


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