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Biggest hits of Boyzone & Westlife teleported fans to the 90s with Boyzlife



While the new indigenous music has become the up and coming trend in India, this weekend wasn’t ordinary. Westlife’s Brian McFadden and Boyzone’s Keith Duffy joined forces to create ‘Boyzlife’ that made its successful debut performance in India at Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla Mumbai and JW Marriot, Bengaluru. Titled as “Boyzlife Live”, the show included the ideal mix of the all the biggest hits from both, Boyzone and Westlife that teleported fans to the 90s. Music Plus caught with the British pop stars to talk about their debut performance in India, music and life.

Understanding how the duo got together for Boyzlife, Boyzone’s Keith Duffy explained, “Brian and I spoke around 25 years in the music business, travelling around the world, different experiences, performing with different artists, such as Mariah Carey, Coverrati, Bee Gee’s and the most iconic music stars of all time that we were most fortunate enough to work with. So it was a live autobiographical show when we told the people how we felt from our side.”

Celebrating their tremendous success, they performed each of their chart-topping tunes by two of the most-cherished band of the 00s, Boyzone and Westlife. “How we felt on stage looking at the people in the audience trying to give them an understanding of how we feel when we are on stage and it was successful, in fact we sold our first tour in 4 hours. It was crazy and the show has evolved into our massive reach on social media to find out what they are looking for from us. It kind of all transpired that they preferred to hear the hit songs, them like new stories, but predominantly it was the hit songs. That was the point Brian and I realised that as Brian from Westlife and Keith from Boyzone we had almost 20 hits. The most important thing was giving the audience what they want and what they wanted was the hit songs. So that kind of organically grew into what we do today which is a concert now of a mixture of Boyzone and Westlife number one songs,” Keith added.

Boyzlife India Tour


With over 20,000 doting fans since the duo got together in 2016, the Boyzlife were elated to be in India for the first time. Music fanatics came from nooks and corners of the city to relive their golden years with the duo’s live performance. “Everybody absolutely likes to feel young again. When you hear these songs that were hits 20 years ago, 15 years ago or 12 years ago, it makes everybody remember where they were at that point of time and if it was a happy time t of their life, it reminds them of how happy they were back then. It makes you feel younger and let’s be honest we all like to feel younger. So what I and Brian do is that we give people the opportunity for two hours to feel like kids again,” Brian added.

The opening acts included the latest electronic rock band Paratra on the block and singer-songwriter Rooshabh Doshi. The brilliant twosome set the stage on fire with the much-loved Westlife’s When You’re Looking Like That, My Love and If I Let You Go to Boyzone’s Baby Can I Hold You Tonight, Love Me for a Reason and No Matter What. As a part of the two-city tour, Boyzlife performed at a concert in Bengaluru on Sunday evening.

When asked if reuniting with their bands individually or forming another band together Brain said, “I won’t be uniting with Westlife, but yes Keith and Boyzone are back together. They are touring next year. Its Boyzone’s 25th anniversary album next year so should be great.”

Known for bringing together the greatest names from the realm of live music entertainment on stage, Fly Music Festival is a celebration of cutting genres of music. Westlife has over 50 million records sold worldwide with 14 Number one singles and 7 number one albums in UK chart. While Boyzone has over 25 million copies sold globally with 6 Number one singles and 5 number one albums in UK chart. However, Westlife is ranked 34th biggest selling act in British music history whereas Boyzone is 29th.

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