Big Bang Music and Moj collaborate to promote new artistes

Music label, Big Bang Music and short video platform, Moj have joined hands for a strategic collaboration to launch new songs with Moj creators featuring prominently in their releases to leverage the power of the short video format.

Each song features an exclusive pre-release of the audio on Moj, with the video sharing platform’s creators featuring prominently in the YouTube video, and a Moj in-video integration during the video as well.

Co-Founder & CEO of Big Bang Music, Gaurav Wadhwa said, “We’ve noticed that there’s a new breed of future stars thriving on social media across both music and video. A producer, a singer, and a dance creator could all have such powerful followings on their own, so when you bring them together, it magnifies the reach and engagement with the project they collaborate on. Our partnership with Moj was hugely successful precisely because it was entirely fuelled by new faces, both from Moj Stars and our own artists.”

The partnership began with ‘Mil Mahiya’ – featuring Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha and Punjabi-pop singer Raashi Sood. Another successful collaboration was Anumita Nadesan’s debut single ‘Khwaab’, released in February of 2022. The song, which saw an exclusive pre-release on Moj, garnered 17 billion views on their platform after just three months. Today, the song has also seen over 100 thousand reels created on Instagram, and over 15 million streams across platforms. Other releases that followed include Ronit Vinta’s latest, ‘Ki Ho Gaya’.

The partnership between Moj and Big Bang Music has showcased the effect of leveraging different audiences in one place.

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