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Bengali music review releases from the first half of June 2020- Reviewed



Bol Megh – Suchetana Sinha 

The best part about this soothing song by Suchetana Sinha is its ability to fit into diverse styles. Primarily inclined towards contemporary Bengali music, it has elements of Hindustaani classical in the way some string instruments, including the guitar, moves. The flute adds a flowing dimension to the song which is clearly about the vocals, sometimes quite overwhelmingly so. Suchetana’s trained voice sings beautifully but the feeling is absent. It’s more about skill than emotion. The most interesting aspect of the song is in the middle when it branches off into a different direction with motifs taken from traditional Irish music.

Rating– 6/10

Jaay Jara – Pabitra Puppies 

A soft rock number from the web series ‘Pabitra Puppies’, the song as well as the video deals with the troubling occurrences of suicide and what leads people to take such a drastic step. It also sheds light on what the victim’s close ones have to go through. The lyrics are dark and hard-hitting, inciting sorrow. The music takes massive leaps in parts, in sync with the rush of agony that people feel on losing someone. Its almost as if the music is crying. Almost like an antidote, lines from Tagore’s famous song ‘Aguner Poroshmoni’ is also incorporated to add a touch of spirituality to life and living.

Rating– 7.5/10

Amar Mukti Aloye Aloye – Various Artists 

It is important that the songs of the most prolific songwriter in the history of Bengal be re-interpreted through the ages so that it reaches the ears of successive generations. It becomes special when Rabindranath Tagore’s song is sung by leading vocalists with impeccable skill and emotion. A beautiful arrangement based on the piano with sparse percussion only adds to its contemporariness. The use of the esraj’s wistful sound in a song about freedom and hope is beautiful and rather thought-provoking. Contrastingly, the western instrument melodica adds a vibrant hue on a very Indianized sound. Overall, the song is a wonderful interpretation and is bound to find resonance among a lot of listeners.

Rating– 7.5/10

Amar Rong Amar Tuli – Souvik Datta 

A run-of-the-mill song about love that is rather uninspired whether it comes to lyrics or the music, ‘Amar Rong Amar Tuli’ is regrettably forgettable. The basic concept is that both the colour and the brush of the painter recognizes only the lover. The vocalist simply sings the song and does not care to convey the emotions – an empty voice expressing absent sentiments. The music is still imaginative but is confused in parts, especially the lead guitar, which launches into something but changes gears midway to jump into another path. The result is rather unsavoury which lacks melodic ingredients.

Rating– 4.5/10

Daiko Na Bhaiya – Subhro Raha, Syed Nafis 

Following the hip-hop and rap trend that has spread like wildfire in recent times, now comes a love song with a social media twist. In age old tradition of going beyond means to woo a girl, the protagonist vows to be the modern equivalent of Romeo by proposing to be his Juliet’s selfie-stick as well as be verified on Facebook. Above all, he does not want the girl to call him a brother. This Bengali song is dished out in hip-hop with tasteful beats popping in the background. The music is interestingly colourful with traces of raunchiness.

Rating– 5/10


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