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Bengali Music Releases From The Second Half Of June 2021- Reviewed


The 2nd half of June witnessed a rare occurrence – all reviewed songs are independent releases. It also showcases a potpourri of talent spread across diverse genres, and only proves that good music doesn’t always need big money backing it up.

Joker – Prithibi  

Soft rock band has transformed itself into a scary behemoth with its intense, hard rocking sound that could be easily mistaken for metal music. Their latest single ‘Joker’ is easily the best testament to this. Dedicated to the supervillain, the song aims to address the hidden depravities inside the human mind that can be dangerous and volatile. Dense guitar riffs, throbbing drums and bass, provide a chilling soundscape for the spine-chilling runs played on the keyboards. But the vocals, with its unhinged vocal throws and maniacal laughter, takes the cake and truly recreates the evil of the Joker.


Check out the video here:


Ondhokarey – Slow Motion Car Crash 

The young punk rock outfit from Siliguri surely has done its homework well when it comes to creating a veritable sound that is clearly inspired by punk music, but misses the mark somehow. The right ingredients are there, the cooking is also commendable but it lacks indigenous flavour. The lyrics broach an important topic of the curbing of freedom of speech and expression, which languishes in darkness. Musically, there are brilliant moments but that does not carry throughout the song. But the lead guitarist, who probably worships Joe Satriani or Steve Vai going by his shredding skills, really ups the game at the end when the whole band suddenly has a moment of reckoning and everything falls into place.


Check out the video here:


Hridoya – Taalpatar Shepai 

Bengal’s promising duo Taalpatar Shepai are back again with another moving composition ‘Hridoya’. It directly deals with the fine nuances of the heart. The lyrics deftly sidesteps mentioning the pandemic directly and how it has separated loved ones, but illuminates the warm glow of hope in the listener by prophesizing that people will meet in the light when this shadow is gone. Such a poetic brand of songwriting has not been since Bengali cinema’s golden days. Also, the sole piano provides a fitting accompaniment, though the song could have been treated better with a string section.


Check out the video here:


Chotto Golpo – Sneha Bhattacharya 

The abundance of new love songs is never shocking, but sometimes, there comes along a piece of work that stays with you. ‘Chotto Golpo’ is one such song. Not that it is exceptional or radically different from other similar songs one comes across, but the earnestness in the singing really touches a chord. It is able to evoke the innocence of childhood as well as the excitement of new love. In total, it is a titillating experience. There is an inherent sweetness in the song that is bound to make you smile. And the music, with its flowing piano notes and pleasant soundscapes, only illuminates all of it.


Check out the video here:


Dhoway Dhoway – Mohul Chakraborty 

This is one of those rare songs where the conjured feeling takes precedence over the projected images through lyrics. Though both go hand-in-hand by subtly giving an intoxicating solution to life’s problems, the music builds a climate of suspense. Playful melodies and a flirtatious bass line produce a catch-and-release situation, resembling the tension in our lives and the moments of relief and relaxation. It talks of transporting you to a land of dreams, after which, every little problem gets easier to solve. The dual vocals are equally enchanting and sensuous. Also, the film fraternity might have serious competition on their hands, going by Mohul Chakraborty’s acting abilities – where his eyes and expressions hold the viewer’s attention even after multiple listens.


Check out the video here:



** The review has been written by – Sashwata Kundu Chaudhari**

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