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Bengali music releases from the second half of June 2020- Reviewed



Elegy- Borno Anonyo

If given a proper ear, ‘Elegy’ is a quiet song that seeps into the very nerves of the listener, spreading across the cells to reach every part to leave a tingling sensation at the end. An audio drama created by combining Tagore’s poem ‘Birpurush’ and the song Neel Nirbashon by Nagar Philomel, it is very arousing. On a bed of acoustic guitar, oud, and Iranian setar, it calmly calls for the courage in man, especially youth, to rise up against oppressive authority. The video is also breathtaking, being made through light-play, silhouette, and shadows of toys behind a screen interspersed with still images.

Rating – 8/10

Dekha Hobe Firey Ele – The Radical Array Project 

A band known for its hard-hitting rock music bordering on metal, such a sensitive song is indeed a pleasant surprise. Though the vocals do sound rather monotonous and devoid of emotions, it can be forgiven on account of the depth in the lyrics which reflects on how humans want more and more and are never satisfied. The pandemic has forced this fast way of life to take a back seat. So, the song requests everyone to think about the person next to them and wish well for all. A simple guitalele rhythm, rudimentary beats, and a magical violin is the perfect wrap for this introspecting song.

Rating– 7/10

Kache Aye – Arjun Kar 

Singer-songwriters never go out of fashion. Hang a guitar around their neck and the emotions come pouring out. This song is not an exception either. ‘Kache Aye’ means ‘come close’ in Bengali. As the title suggests, it is a song about longing for a loved one who is unfortunately out of reach. This summarizes the angst that millions of lovers around the world feel right now as they are separated from their partners due to the pandemic. Composed by Arjun when he was just a teenager, it is very simple. The boy simply misses his lover and the pain he feels is brought out. However, the music arrangement could do with a bit more imagination.

Rating– 5/10

Tomake Bhalobeshe – Tansener Tanpura 

A beautifully rich song balancing the worlds of classical music with contemporary sounds, this has all the makings of being a majestic tune which will resonate loud within the listener. The rich tapestry of sounds – buoyed by the flute, sitar, percussions, tabla, and influxes of complex musical movements – is so dynamic that it hardly leaves space to concentrate on the words. The trained voices send forth a message of love in between classical vocal motifs. There is a sense of urgency that is relieved by the soothing call of the flute on the ever-flowing rhythm bed.

Rating– 9/10

Sohore Sohore Kanna – Ajit Sarkar 

A fitting song of the current times, ‘Sohore Sohore Kanna’ translates to ‘tears in every city’. A simple song based on an acoustic guitar, bass and drums, Ajit’s heavy voice brings to the fore the images that we see on the news everyday – dejected faces, hunger, tired men walking on the roads and the creases of worry on brows. He says that if we lay our ears on cities, we can only hear the sound of crying. The music is ominous in parts, driving that emotion deep. Hunger is the theme that he focuses on most which somehow gets lost in between all the statistics and sensationalization done by the media.

Rating– 7/10



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