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Bengali Music Releases From The Second Half Of July 2021- Reviewed


The second half of July saw a rare phenomenon – brilliant songs across all sectors. From commercial to indie, the music rang true and beautiful. And the creations of music director Joy Sarkar stand even among such tough competition.

Ekka Dokka – Koushik Chakraborty  

The poet inside Prithibi frontman Koushik Chakraborty is bursting out in his latest song ‘Ekka Dokka’ where he talks about rain drenched evenings, tender moments, warmth and the things we hold dear. It is a song of leisure, hope and the moments in between where star-crossed lovers might meet. Musically, the song starts with arpeggiated chords on an acoustic guitar. Later, a bigger soundscape which is both melodic and complex, leaning towards new sonic imaginations, lends a post-rock feel to the tender song, making the song blossom like a flower during springtime.


Check the video here:


Paata – Sixan Rahman 

An energetic chord progression introduces a mental canvas, where the singer says the green leaf that he has drawn has grown into a tree. And such fanciful flights of imagination give birth to even more life and colourful ecosystems. But then, like the unfortunate things in life, a storm also comes unannounced and unstoppable. Such a different perspective is supported by a theatre-like lyrical design, which depicts one person’s life. The music moves on the guitar, but has folk sensibilities which intensifies as the song progresses in its long 15 minute journey. In a nutshell, a brilliant effort by a young gun.


Check the video here:


Ami Chanchalo Hey – Rekka 

Another Rabindrasangeet in the golden voice of Jayati Chakraborty, the solemness and grandeur of the composition sinks deep. For a while, you float in a timeless capsule, where the transition between the new and the old co-exist peacefully. The pedagogic delivery of Rabindrasangeet continues in its age-old custom – only the music changes, picking up stray piano chords and melancholic violins and cellos, and a wistful sarod which produce a beautiful soundscape beyond description. Such music is eternal, much like the song – precisely because it carries the heavy baton of heritage with equal care and excellence.


Check the video here:


Ek Dui Teen – Horror Stories 

Another yawn-inducing run-of-the-mill song that graces the soundtracks of nearly every commercial movie or web series, ‘Ek Dui Teen’ fails to make a mark. It is a nice song in the sense that it has been impeccably produced, beautifully arranged and used the right elements for the song. But where it falls flat on its face is content – there is nothing new or original. It is just well polished but the ingredients are sub-standard, and there’s no feeling in the song. In a nutshell, it is a product made to fit the bigger picture.


Check the video here:


Shahare Aaj Borshadin – Soham Chakrabarty 

Sometimes it’s not about the song or the singer, but the music which elevates everything. That is nearly the case with nearly every song where Joy Sarkar serves as music director. Here, beautiful trills on the dotara and guitar mix with longing calls from a bamboo flute, while a light rhythm section made up of various percussion instruments inches the song along on its natural journey which is discovery. The singer also puts his own touch by making the song his own, using tender delivery when required. With such rich musical support, it is hard not to do a good job.


Check the video here:



** The review has been written by – Sashwata Kundu Chaudhari**

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