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Bengali music releases from the second half of February 2020- Reviewed



The month of love was dominated by songs of love and sorrow and lovelorness, with the Bengali film industry living up to its promise of catering to the crowd with its relatable compositions.

Shune Ne (Reprise) – Love Aaj Kal Porshu 

This song is an ode to the sensitivity of love and the care that a lover should take of his/her beloved. Delivered in the lulling tones of Ash King and Nikhita Gandhi, it is bound to touch hearts as much as the soft, twinkling music orchestrated by clean guitar rhythm and keyboard arpeggios. Shune Ne (Reprise) from the film Love Aaj Kal Porshu is a pleasant breather. The latter part of the song notches up the sensuality with some tasteful fills by an electric guitar.

Rating– 7/10

Boka Pahar – Shobdo Jobdo 

A pleasant offspring of bittersweet growing up and adolescent imagination, ‘Boka Pahar’ is bound to hit the right chord in you. The singer Prajna does an exquisite job of delivering the simple, beautiful words with endearing passion. Through metaphors of nature, it depicts human emotions and our uncertainties and inabilities to express what we really want to but cannot. The music follows the singer-songwriter format, which is joined by a band in the latter half of the song. The best part of the song is its hummable quality, a melody which is bound to keep playing on in your mind long after the three minute song has ended.

Rating– 9/10

Biddhrohini (Male version) – Biddhrohini  

A very dark and macabre mood is conjured by the soundscape at the start of the song, setting the mood for the entirety of the song which talks about a revolutionary figure who is a female. In the voice of veteran Ruponkor Bagchi, it makes the hair stand all over your body stand up. The music is splattered on a rock pallete with distorted guitars, power chords and all the shebang. However, an artful guitar solo could have notched things up as well as more intense singing.

Rating– 6/10

Thakbona – Biddhrohini 

Songs of the film Biddhrohini seems to cater the darker parts of the soundscape. ‘Thakbona’ is also a gritty exploration of negativity and spook, where the female protagonist calls out the injustice done to her, especially by her husband. The singing is strong, though the delivery leaves one asking for more. It ends up being more sensuous than angry, as if the singer is too conscious of the words she’s singing rather than the emotions it carries. Electronica, though subtly used, dispels the purity of the music, which would have sounded better on its own.

Rating– 5/10

Bolo Emon Keno Je Hoy – Ebhabei Golpo Hok 

A tear-jerker of a song ‘Bolo Emon Keno Je Hoy’ from the film ‘Ebhabei Golpo Hok’, bleeds the heart as it stretches the emotions of pain and anguish that anyone in love feels from time to time. The lyrics evoke memories which bring pain and longing for the lost love. The soundscape follows a bed of piano chords and a string section, with cellos forming mournful sounds which intensify the depressing impact of the words. The singers do a wonderful job of expressing the required emotions through their voice and accentuation.

Rating– 7/10 

Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri

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