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Have you asked these questions to your digital marketing team?



Have you ever thought that musicians today should not only be good at their work but must also be digitally savvy? We see a whole lot of digital transition taking place in the world of YouTube. An ordinary person, with their ability to inspire the online audience, turns into a phenomenon on the internet.  With their popularity growing every day they stop managing their social media accounts and outsource the task to professionals. There are people who start with zero follower base and then their fandom reaches its zenith once they cross the 1 lakh mark of subscribers and followers.

So here are 10 things every musician should ask their digital team to do.

1. Have you optimised videos?

Since a large part of musicians gain popularity from YouTube channels today, once the video is uploaded on YouTube channel, the digital team should incorporate the right kind of keywords in the title, description and the tags of the uploaded video. This will help you bring the video to the top of search results, resulting in more discovery and viewership.

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2. Did you integrate the title card?

The title image of any video is the best thing that you could invest in. Some people get separate photo-shoots done just to have a compelling title image for their YouTube video. A good title image is a route to attract more traffic. When you watch a video on YouTube on the right-hand side you see a lot of suggestions and something that you first look at is the Google title image. Sometimes I see people using interesting phrases or numbers: For Eg: Award Winning Video, 1 Million Views etc.

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3. Subscribe call to action:

I have seen not many musicians focus on building their subscribers base. People need to be constantly reminded to subscribe to your channel. This can be done by running a video campaign of a performance or the musician themselves asking their audience to hit the subscribe button to see more of their updates.

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4. Have you cross-tested on Facebook?

Don’t settle for one channel, test different channels. Especially Facebook videos. Let Facebook be your new revenue generating platform. Cross test two platforms: YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. Remember, Facebook can help your video reach to thousands through the means of share. Hence, cross testing would be a beneficial deal.


5. Have you responded to all the comments or at least checked?

Hire a Digital Agency to manage your reputation online. There are times when you shall notice a lot of people commenting on your videos. There would be abuses and negative concerns, you have to hear them and eliminate them wherever necessary.

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6. What’s the growth plan?

Ask them how they are planning to grow your Social Media Channels? What’s their monthly digital marketing plan and how are they planning to distribute your content across all channels?


7. What’s their digital PR plan?

How are they going to make digital publishing platforms publish your content? What’s their relationship building strategy with their bloggers? Are they able to strike a monthly conversation with digital publications? If yes, in what way? This is only possible if your digital team is also wearing the digital PR hat.

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8. Have they met your goals?

Check the number of subscribers, viewers (unique viewers), check out which country they are coming from (as there are higher chances of digital team goofing numbers by buying paid viewers that hold no weight). Have a goal for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, also ask them what’s their plan to achieve those goals.

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9. Where do you stand on search engines?

Mostly for anything to explore, people check it on Google. Is your website or portal on top of the list on Google? Make a list of all the possible keywords that you believe your audience would search and you should be on top for the same. Check with the digital team every month where you stand? If not, invest a little in Google Ads to be more visible.

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10. Are they building a custom audience?

Social media channels allow you to create an audience out of people who have watched your videos, engaged with your updates in the past. So, when you post something you can boost your post to this highly engaged audience to make things go viral immediately through people who already love your work.


This article has been written by Sorav Jain, Digital Marketing Expert.

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