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Arijit Singh debuts on the web-series’ space- Sings the title track of Afsos, an Amazon Prime original




Arijit Singh has sung the title track of Afsos, an Amazon Prime original series. This is the first time he has ventured into the web-series’ space.

Neel Adhikari, the composer of the title track, has gone very indigenous in the production of this song. Afsos’ title track begins with the sound of an ashtray, along with tins and baskets that have sonically proven themselves. Meanwhile, his work with Ukelele is refreshing. Neel believes it is a “beautiful mess” that he has created.

Neel has formerly composed for all seasons of Little Things and What the Folks, a Netflix Original and a Dice Media production, respectively. He has also composed for movies like Ludo, Brahman Naman, etc.

While there is a dearth of organic music, finding that in a web-series is nothing but a breath of fresh air. Neel has created the song with Sanjay Das (music assistant) and Topshe (musician). While Sunny M.R from Arijit’s team rendered the final mix to the song.

There is one more song, composed by Neel, that is due from Afsos. Meanwhile, Music Plus burrows into how the title track of Afsos came into being.

“The song was initially called Colonial Bum, an English number I wrote five to six years back,” begins Neel.

Colonial Bum was translated and co-written by Neel with Sameer Satija for the Series.

Colonial Bum begins with six chambers in a gun, I’ve seen them in films, ever held one. I translated the first line literally to Ye goli aur ye gun, filmon mein sirf dekhte hai hum”


How Arijit?

Co-created by Anirban Dasgupta (comedian), and Dibya Chatterjee, and directed by Anubhuti Kashyap, Afsos talks about a man planning his own death. After failing multiple times, he hires a hitman, rather a hit-woman (Heeba Shah) for himself.

So why Arijit to voice for the protagonist of a dark comic-suspense?

“The protagonist (Gulshan Devaiah) is a soft and nice guy, contrary to the irritating macho protagonist usually portrayed in mainstream movies. Arijit, as a singer, is very much in touch with this emotional vulnerability. So I thought we could give it a shot because he had never sung in a web-series,” says Neel.

The co-creators (Anirban and Dibya) sought the help of Mourjo Chatterjee, the music supervisor for the song who knew Arijit well. Mourjo made Arijit listen to the track and upon listening, Arijit agreed to sing it.

“Arijit was touring the U.S. then. After rigorously chasing him for over 4 months, he agreed to sing it. There was no paperwork, there was no money talk. He heard the track, liked it, sang it, and sent it to us”

With Afsos releasing on the 7th of February this year, Neel adds,

“I am looking forward to people hearing this because we have done left of centre things this time.”

Aakanksha Sharma

Author: Aakanksha Sharma

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