Arijit Singh becomes the first Indian artist to cross 100M followers on Spotify

Bollywood singer Arijit Singh has crossed 100M followers on the popular streaming platform, Spotify. He has amassed over 10,01,12,088 followers as of 22nd January, to be precise. Singh is the first Indian artist to achieve this feat.

For more than ten years, Singh has crafted unforgettable songs, showcasing his remarkable talent for producing diverse music that connects with audiences worldwide. 

The follower stats are displayed in the About section of an artist’s profile on the website. All the artists currently in the top 10 chart have over 70M followers. With the Spotify Wrapped roll out of 2023, Arijit Singh was touted the most streamed artist in the country for the fourth consecutive year.

Singh rose through the charts last year to become the second-most followed artist globally on Spotify, surpassing artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Drake. 

Ed Sheeran currently holds the top spot as the #1 artist on Spotify. Despite a recent dip in his popularity, the British musician maintains a substantial lead.

He made headlines in July 2022 by achieving a significant milestone as the first artist to amass 100 million followers on the platform.

Before him, Rihanna held the leading position, becoming the first artist to reach 10 million followers in April 2017. Sheeran claimed the top spot following the massive success of his Divide album in the same year.

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