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Apple Music hits 60 mn subscribers according to Senior Vice President Eddy Cue



Apple Inc on Thursday confirmed that the company’s streaming music service has more than 60 million subscribers.
It keeps Apple Music in second place to Spotify, which reported 100 million paid members in April.

A company spokesman confirmed the figure that Eddy Cue, senior vice president of services for the iPhone maker, disclosed in remarks made to French publication Numerama in Paris. The figure is up from 50 million subscribers at the end of last year that Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosed in January.

The 60 million figure includes Apple customers who are on a free trial of Apple Music.

In April, Spotify reported it has 100 million “premium” subscribers. Spotify’s definition of premium subscribers also includes those on free trials of its paid service so long as the user has entered a payment method such as a credit card.

When including listeners to its ad-supported service, Spotify has 217 million users.

Apple last provided an update on its Apple Music paid subscriber count in January when it confirmed that it had over 50 million paying users. Cue also told Numerama that Apple is continuing to perfect the Apple Music experience across all platforms.

As culture shifts to streaming as the most common way people listen to tunes, Apple Music and Spotify have emerged as the leaders in a two-way race to dominate subscription music. Apple Music launched seven years after Spotify, but Apple’s subscription music service may have taken the lead in one all-important market: the US, the biggest market for recorded music in the world.

Recently in India, Apple Music had announced a cut in its pricing keeping in mind the growing competition in the music streaming market. The company’s individual plan in India is now 99 rupees per month, versus the 120 rupees per month it was previously. In addition, the price for the Apple Music student plan dropped from 60 rupees per month to 49 rupees; and the Family Plan is now 149 rupees per month versus the 190 rupees per month it was before the price cuts. The new, lower prices are available to both existing subscribers and new customers.



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  1. Apple Music is available on Mac, iOS/iPadOS, Android, Windows, Sonos, and Amazon Echo.

    The only major smart device their not on is a Nest Hub.

    That’s pretty OS agnostic.

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