Anand-Milind, the Dolby Atmos way

The 1988 film, ‘Qayamat se Qayamat Tak’ has a very special place in the hearts of composer duo Anand–Milind. For the brothers Shrivastav, the Aamir Khan-starrer was their very first successful film. Now more than three decades since its release, the film’s music receives a shot in the arm.

Both ‘Papa Kehte Hai’ and ‘Aye Mere Humsafar’ have been remastered in Dolby Atmos. “These are evergreen songs and we are excited about the opportunity to recreate the magic and add a new flavour to these memorable songs for the youth of today,” says Ashim Mathur, Senior Director, Japan and Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby works with the entire ecosystem spanning creation, delivery, and playback. For artists and creators, Dolby Atmos is a new way to create music that allows them to share their music with unprecedented fidelity while preserving creative intent. So, by collaborating with new artists or veteran artists to reimagine old classics, Dolby’s singular aim is to provide a richer and fuller music experience wherein the listener is more connected to the music and its emotions.”

For the musical duo, remastering their music Dolby Atmos meant having listeners feel like they are inside the song itself. It’s the unlocking of new levels of emotions and a deeper connection with listeners. With over 200 films’ music under their belt, Anand–Milind have seen the evolution of technology in music production. Back in the day, music was recorded with musicians playing live instruments. The opportunity to remaster their music also allowed them to experience Dolby Atmos’ technical prowess. “When we were recreating these songs, we could feel a palpable difference. The songs in Dolby Atmos reveal details with unparalleled clarity and depth, giving listeners a deeper experience,” say the siblings.

Is music about catching all the layers of instruments or listening to the inhalation of a musician between lyrics, or feeling a bass drop in the pit of your stomach? Yes and more. “Hence, we believe new technology will attract more listeners to experience the magic of old classics,” says Mathur adding that Dolby Laboratories is collaborating with the creator community to enable more content in Atmos. Simultaneously, their endeavour is to work with the original equipment manufacturers to ensure best consumer experiences without any compromise. “Our plan in India is to continue to deliver these experiences and [support] the content ecosystem,” he concludes.

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