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Album Talk- The Doors’ Debut Album The Doors



Long long time ago, a cowboy was born who was named Narendra Kusnur. To celebrate his birth, 4 long haired boys from Los Angeles began writing a music album. They called themselves The Doors.
Finally in 1967 the album saw light and was named The Doors. Not a very creative name but the songs on it are.
It’s 53 years now that the legendary band released their debut album. Though famished, I called up my cowboy and ‘musicpidea’ Narendra Kusnur to get a lowdown on the epic album.
Note – Language maybe changed to meet publication’s requirements.

Me : (while Kusnur’s phone rings) 1 misal 4 pav. (Finally he answers) Well howdy pal?
Kusnur : All good. What are you gonna pull my hair for today?

Me : The Doors ka album The Doors.
Kusnur : That’s a classic. Mr Mojo Rising.

Me : My favorite song is ‘Break On Through’ though it was never a commercial hit

Kusnur : It’s played a lot at live shows
Me : But it never made the Top 100 charts

Kusnur : That’s not the only song on the album amigo. The others are amazing too
Me : ‘Soul Kitchen’ was about a place which Jim frequented and would be kicked out late in the night

Kusnur : Imagine playing a tribute to a place that kicked you out
Me : Wasn’t there a love song for his ex who kicked him out too

Kusnur : ‘Crystal Ship’. Jim would write about anything. ‘The End’ is based on the myth of King Oedipus. He wrote it when he was smashed



Me : Means when he was normal

Kusnur : Ya. Ray Manzerak was wondering what Jim was doing because this wasn’t the song they had prepared
Me : Again, normal thing

Kusnur : I first heard The Doors on a greatest hits album ’13’. A friend in Delhi played it on a spool player for me. I was into Boney M and AABA kind of stuff that time
Me : So you were a disco boy
Kusnur : Ya ya I was
(Imagine Kusnur in an afro wearing bell bottoms)

Me : My first The Doors was American Prayer and I was blown away
Kusnur : You weren’t blown away, you were Stoned Immaculate
(Uncontrolled laughter followed)

Me : Wasn’t the ‘Alabama Song’ a cover of some German song?
Kusnur : That and ‘Backdoor Man’ both. ‘Alabama Song’ was written by a German called Bertolt Brecht. Jim changed the lyrics a bit
Me : Like “Take me to the next pretty boy” Became “Take me to the next little girl”
Kusnur : Yup. ‘Backdoor Man was very blues

Me : I think on ‘Light My Fire’ the rest forgot their parts and Ray Manzerak kept on playing


Kusnur : it is basically his song but is credited to all 4. My favorite on the album is ‘Take It As It Comes’
Me : It’s a very rare song

Kusnur : Even ‘Twentieth Century Fox’
Me : What was that song about? Never understood it
Kusnur : It was about a woman

Me : How many songs did he write for women!!
Kusnur : Too many but all were different. ‘Break On Through’ has a bossanova style while ‘Alabama Song’ has reggae groove and ‘The End’ has an Indian feel in the beginning

Me : Ya there’s the sitar in the start
And this is when the mobile service providers got fed up of us and dropped the call.
Anyway, be good you folks.

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