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Album Talk – Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack



While curating for my segment, This Date That Year, I came to know that on 21/1/1978 the Saturday Night Fever movie soundtrack reached number 1 on the charts. The album spent 24 consecutive weeks at No. 1 and is the second best-selling soundtrack album of all time.

This reminded me of a startling revelation by our very own musipedia and Bandra cowboy Narendra Kusnur. In our previous album talk featuring The Doors, Kusnur had revealed that time he was a disco boy. So who better to talk to about the Saturday Night Fever movie soundtrack than the man himself?

Note – Language maybe changed to meet publication’s requirements.

Me : Saturday Night Fever did more for Bee Gees than for anyone in the movie.

Kusnur : To an extent yes. The music was a huge hit. The movie was meant to be a musical. It was a completely different sound, disco was coming up in a big way that time. The dance numbers were there, artists like Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer were huge stars. But Bee Gees with their falsettos provided a completely different sound. There were 3 highlights about Saturday Night Fever. One the music. Second John Travolta was the guy everyone wanted to be and every girl wanted a guy like him.

Me : Sir tell me one thing honestly did you ever dress up and try to be him?

Kusnur : Yes I did.

(sudden burst of tear inducing laughter followed)

Kusnur : We had these black trousers brown shoes maroon shirt or tshirt and black jacket.

Me : What about your afro?

Kusnur : I tried to have a hair style like John. Whether it suited or not.

Me : Let this album talk be about your experience with Saturday Night Fever.

Kusnur : Ok. The first hit was ‘Stayin’ Alive’. My mother who listened to classical music liked it and would keep humming it. ‘Night Fever’ was also a huge hit. We would stand in front of the mirror and dance to it. ‘More Than A Woman’ had 2 versions. One was by Tavares and the other by Bee Gees. I preferred the one by Tavares. There were certain instrumental tracks on the album which were fantastic. A couple of them, ‘Manhattan Skyline’ and ‘Night On Disco Mountain’ were by an artist called David Shire. Kool and the Gang had one song, Open Sesame. Yvonne Elliman sang ‘If I Can’t Have You’. Walter Murphy composed ‘A Fifth of Beethoven’. At that time I didn’t know who Beethoven was. Later I understood that Murphy had covered one of his symphonies in a disco style.

saturday night fever

Me : Weren’t some songs too long?

Kusnur : Ya. At that time there were no DJs to change the songs so longer songs were played.

Me : If given an option to listen to a long song, I would rather listen to Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.

Kusnur : Well, whatever we start talking about we end up on rock music!!!

The rest of the conversation had nothing to do with album we started talking about. So the editor has cropped the entire part and deprived you folks of a hilarious read.

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