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Album Talk – Padosan Movie Soundtrack by R D Burman


One of the best known comic movie in Bollywood is the 1968 cult comedy ‘Padosan’. The movie boasts of great performances and a brilliant music score. It also happens to be on fellow cowboy and musipedia Narendra Kusnur’s list of favourites.

We got on a call to discuss more about the movie soundtrack for this week’s Album Talk.

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Me: One of the funniest movie ever made without a doubt.

Kusnur: One can watch it ‘n’ number of times.

Me: Along with great story and music, there are many trivia’s attached to the movie. Guru Dutt was supposed to play the role which Kishore Kumar eventually portrayed, due to his death. The role of ‘Bhola’ played by Sunil Dutt was initially offered to R D Burman It is produced by one of the best comedians of Bollywood, Mehmood. A lesser popular song from the movie, Main Chali Main Chali, was remade by Bombay Vikings and it was a hit.

Kusnur: All the songs were popular though two songs became big hits and still are. One of them was ‘Ek Chatur Naar’. Besides the superb composition, lyrics and brilliant singing by Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey and Mehmood its popularity was also due to the situation in the movie and the performances.

Me: It is a remake of an Ashok Kumar song by the same name.

Kusnur: He sang it for the 1940’s movie ‘Jhoola’.

Me: There are a lot of Ashok Kumar songs which have been remade like ‘Rail Gaadi’. But this song is still quite popular specially in singing competitions.

Kusnur: Not only in singing competitions, it is still played in bars. The other huge hit was ‘Mere Samne Wali Khidki Main’. People identified with the song as a lot of them had eyes on their neighbour’s window. You were not born then but I am sure at some point in your life even you did.

Me: Everyone has!!! For the neighbour even the Kishore Kumar song ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is a good one.

The S D Burman influence

Kusnur: There are a couple of Lata Mangeskar songs which I could never vibe with, ‘Bhai Battur’ and ‘Sharam Aati Hai Magar’. What is interesting to note about this score is that R D Burman had few hit songs before it. ‘Padosan’ released in 1968 and he had made his debut in 1961-62. He had a mediocre hit with ‘Bhoot Bangla’ but his first big hit was ‘Teesri Kasam’. Actually his career was picking up at this point of time. He was not the R D Burman that he later became.

Me: A lot of people think this is an S D Burman score.

Kusnur: Maybe because S D had composed these kind of songs earlier and R D had started his career under him.

Me: The S D Burman influence is immense in his music.

Kusnur: But he westernised it, not in this film though.

Kishore Kumar – The Genius

Me: There’s one more trivia. During the shoot of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, the choreographer didn’t turn up for the shoot so Kishore Kumar choreographed the song.

Kusnur: One overlooked aspect is the lyrics by Rajendra Krishan who was a very versatile lyricist. He wrote such comical lyrics for this movie while earlier he had penned serious songs like ‘Yeh Zindagi Ussi Ki Hai’ and later he wrote ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’. To write such versatile lyrics is not easy.

r d burman

Me: Do you think the songs clicked also due to the way they were filmed?

Kusnur: Yes, most comic movies don’t concentrate much on music. The songs are just added to the movie and not woven into the story line.

‘Padosan’ is worth a rewatch not only because of Mehmood, Kishore Kumar and Sunil Dutt’s antics but also for R D Burman’s music and Rajendra Krishan’s lyrics.

What you waiting for? Go watch it!

Until next week, Adios Amigos!!!

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