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Album Talk – Dil Chahta Hai Soundtrack




The locals felt that a certain virus called COVID-19 would deter cowboys. Such simpletons, I tell you! As usual, it was work on a lazy Friday afternoon. While lazing around, I was reminded of an irritating song from the movie Dil Chahta Hai. Although the movie soundtrack overall is fantastic, this song can give you jitters.

To discuss the other songs too, I got atop my horse and rode to my phone to call fellow in-lockdown cowboy, Narendra Kusnur for our weekly Album Talk.

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Me: This soundtrack broke the stereotypical structure of Bollywood music.

Kusnur: Yes, but it was already building up. A.R. Rahman had already built up a change in sound right from Bombay, Roja then Rangeela. The entire sound structure of Bollywood music was changing by the usage of different soundscapes, sound structures ad technology.

Me: The antramukhda system was changing.

Kusnur: Rahman used it but in a different way. If you notice three music composers’ team that came to the forefront in the early 2000s, Shankar-Eshaan-Loy, Salim-Sulaiman and Vishal-Shekhar, etc had Rock, Jazz, and blues music influence. These guys incorporated a lot of foreign music elements and the Dil Chahta Hai album was probably the best to come out of the lot that time. The film was path-breaking in terms of the subject and the music went very well with it.

Me: Sure. The lead actors looked like college kids otherwise in some movies Jeetendra was still playing the role of a college-goer.

Kusnur: Hahahaha. Farhan Akhtar wanted A.R. Rahman to do the score but he was busy. Shankar-Eshaan-Loy already had a few hits like Mission Kashmir and they were asked to compose. Later on, Rahman was happy they composed the music.


(Dil Chahta Hai)

Me: The title track itself was very non-Bollywood, it could have been released as a Pop track.

Kusnur: It was also around the time Indi-Pop was on the decline but one could experiment with that sound in film music also.

Me: Sir, wasn’t the sound making an advent into Bollywood, though Pop was dying, as Bollywood had woken up to it?

Kusnur: In fact, the singers on this album, Shaan and KK had done Pop albums before coming into films. Sonu Nigam was a TV star who had done a Pop album and then he got into films.

Me: Sonu has done everything. There must be hardly anything where he hasn’t ventured into. The best part of this album is that they have used the singers as per the song. For Jaane Kyu Log Pyaar they got Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. The song has the very early ’90s feel and they maintained it.

Kusnur: I like the one featuring Srinivas.

Me: Kaise Hai Yeh Rut

Kusnur: He is a fantastic singer. Sadly, didn’t make it big.

(Kaise Hai Yeh Rut)

Me: I never understood why did Woh Ladki Hai Kaha become such a huge hit!

Kusnur: It has a very catchy tune.

Me: But it got on to one’s nerves. The kids would be dancing to it in every function.

Kusnur: You can have one more reason to dislike it. You kept singing Who Ladki Hai Kaha and the girl didn’t show up!

Me: Hahahahaha! That is one of the reasons. I am still looking for her by the way.

Kusnur: Actually most songs are about you, Jaane Kyu Log Pyaar, Dil Chahta Hai

Me: Then there is Tanhayee too, hahaha. Jokes apart this song is brilliantly sung by Sonu and must be in his Top 10 list.

(‘Koi Kahe’)

Kusnur: No doubt! But the biggest song on the Dil Chahta Hai album is Koi Kahe.

Me: It became an anthem maybe, even the song of the decade.

Kusnur: People identified with the lyrics and the drums, synths were too catchy so people loved dancing to it.

dil chahta hai


Me: It was basically a party song. It was even filmed in a night club. When I was a DJ, I don’t know how many times I have played this song. Whenever I was stuck while playing, I would play it and people would dance. Also, it is one of the rare songs with three male singers. The other one that comes to mind is Amar Akbar Anthony.

Kusnur: Then there is also John, Jani, Janardhan from Naseeb.

If you really want to know what kind of songs we discussed after this point, the lockdown has already got to you.

Stay home, Amigos!

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