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Album Talk – Bryan Adams’ Reckless



Ever wondered how and why has an individual achieved stardom without much talent?

All of us have. One afternoon while I was extremely busy in wasting my time, I had the same feeling. Thanks to my neighbour’s lack of taste in music.

“Ain’t no use in complainin’
When you’ve got a job to do”

Blasted through his speakers and I immediately thought of the singer, Bryan Adams. The Song, ‘Summer Of 69’ from the album ‘Reckless’. The album has some nice songs but it also has THIS song.

“How did Bryan Adams become so big? He cannot sing!!”

I exclaimed as soon as Cowboy in lock-down and musicpidea, Narendra Kusnur answered my call.

Note – Language may be changed to meet the publication’s requirements.

Kusnur: I also never really liked his voice. I preferred 2 types of voices when I started listening to music, the deep masculine kinds and the nasal voice. I could tolerate Bob Dylan also so you can imagine

Me: Dylan is basically a poet who sang. He grew on you, this fellow doesn’t.

Kusnur: Bryan Adams had a particular rasp which I never got into. There were some songs which I really enjoyed like ‘Heaven’ and ‘Somebody’ from the ‘Reckless’ album.

Me: ‘Run To You’ and ‘Kids Wanna Rock’ were decent.

Run To You

Kusnur: Ya, them too and for a very short period even ‘Summer Of 69’ but I got fed up with it. People overplayed the song just like ‘Hotel California’. The ‘fans’ knew only some words in the song like ‘Those were the best days of my life’

Me: I have seen people jive and even headbang to it!! I used to DJ at a pub called ‘Galaxy of Stars’ and this was one of the most requested songs. One night a girl chewed my brains off for it. I broke Bryan Adam’s CD into two and gave it to her. I was so fed up with playing that song. It was not even a great song! I agree with the popularity of ‘Hotel California’ and even ‘Coming Back To Life’, though like most ardent Pink Floyd fans I would never say that it is a great song.

Kusnur: ‘Hotel California’ has a superb guitar solo.

Me: This song has nothing!!

Kusnur: But people loved it somehow! I don’t listen to it at all, even when preparing for this Album Talk, I skipped it. I like ‘Somebody’ from this album.

Me: ‘Kids Wanna Rock’ was a very good attempt to sound like AC/DC.

Kusnur: They did try to go hard in quite a few songs. Even the opening song, ‘One Night Love Affair’ is on the harder side.

Me: There’s a song with Tina Turner too in this album, ‘Its Only Love’.

Kids Wanna Rock

Bryan Adams and India

Kusnur: The best thing about Bryan Adams is his band. Keith Scott the guitarist and drummer Mickey Curry have come to India to perform. Bryan’s first concert was in 1994. That time luckily I was not covering music so I ditched the show.

Me: Lucky you!! I have attended numerous concerts but have never been to a Bryan Adams concert. Even though he has performed multiple times, at a time I felt he lives in Mumbai.

Kusnur: I have been forced to attend twice, at Goregaon and one at MMRDA as I was covering the show.

Me: All said and done, he does have a fan base, no idea why!

Kusnur: A lot of females identified with his songs especially the younger girls. I have got hate mail for giving his songs a bad review.


Me: I have also been abused many times when I refused to play his songs.

Kusnur: Once some fans had come to my previous office with a ‘dharna’ luckily I wasn’t in the office.

Me: Only ladies in the ‘dharna’ for sure.

Kusnur: Ya.

Me: Sir aap toh rockstar ho!

Kusnur: The guy has a huge following. Maybe his persona helps, the blonde guy in a white shirt with a guitar. The females like that I suppose.

Me: Like most wannabes who have a picture of themselves ‘playing’ the guitar on the beach or by the pool.

bryan adams

Kusnur: I enjoyed some songs in his concerts except ‘Summer Of 69’

Me: ‘Heaven’ is a good song. If it was sung by say Sting or Don Henley it would be in everyone’s all-time top five. They were great vocalists. Just because of this guy’s voice the song never became great.

Kusnur: You are gonna get abused by the girls once this article is out. I am not responsible. I don’t know you. I am keeping my opinions to myself.

Well after that the opinions that were exchanged, are, to say the least ‘graphic’.

If you wanna know about them, I don’t know how to help you.

So until next week, Adios Amigos!!!
Stay Safe.

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