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Album Talk: Boney M’s Nightflight to Venus



In a very Disco mood, I called my fellow cowboy and music-paedia, Narendra Kusnur. After a long session of virtual dance and unmentionable things, we decided that we should discuss Bonny M’s Nightflight to Venus album in this week’s Album Talk.

Note: Language may be altered to suit the platform’s requirements.

Me: Today we are Disco boys!

Kusnur: “Ha Ha, Hardik Joshi lover of the Russian queen!”

Me: Hahahahahaha! Sir, Rasputin is from this album, right?

Kusnur: The most famous apart from Rasputin were Rivers of Babylon and Brown Girl in the Ring.

Me: Brown Girl in the Ring was a proper nursery rhyme. I remember we would dance to it in kindergarten. I have a superb memory.

(Haters: take note)

Kusnur: This album was the first LP I ever bought from my pocket money.

Me: Wow!

Kusnur: Yes! I was about 15 years old!

Me: I wasn’t born.

Kusnur: You are still 5 months elder to me!

Me: Yeah that I am! But let me not include this or else the girls will know our age.

Kusnur: Girls prefer older guys! Charmers like me and one person whom we know.

Me: Who is it, Sir? Anyway, should we get back to work?

Kusnur: Boney M introduced me to the proper disco sound. Their musical maturity reflects in this album.

Me: It’s a very bass-heavy album.

Kusnur: Yes, and the compositions are much matured compared to their earlier albums. Especially songs like Rivers of Babylon.

Me: There’s a very kinky song Don’t Change Lovers After Midnight. What were they thinking?

Kusnur: See it was a trend at the time. People don’t even remember it now, I am surprised you do! It is in my top 3. The bass in the song is amazing! He Was a Steppenwolf’ is my pick from the album. It has a killer bass!

Me: Sir, your favourite song should be Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai.

At this point, we cowboys broke into a dance jig which we don’t want to share.

Till next time!


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