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7 must visit live music venues in Pune



Pune has become one of the most popular cities in the country to enjoy live music. The crowd is young, enthusiastic, the atmosphere is pretty laid back compared to Mumbai, and the weather! After a long day at work if you go to a place which is striking in terms of ambience, décor, food and not to forget, good music (Isn’t that obvious?), that is a win-win. Here is our list of the must-visit venues of Pune which you can hit, for amazing live music performances.


Talk about an ultimate Greek indulgence, Euriska is the place. The ambience, white and blue combined décor, the wind wheel is perfect, as well as romantic. Over the years, Euriska has taken the Pune techno scene to another level. The kind of techno artistes they’ve got in the recent past such as Jeremy Olander, Boris Brejcha, and Matador among others, one wouldn’t even imagine those guys coming to Pune.

Starting from lighting to sound, the cult crowd, the whole kit and caboodle is excellent. Great job at curating those events guys. They have hosted some of the biggest names from the country such as Vinayaka, Murthovic, Calm Chor, Ash Roy, Midival Punditz and international artists such as Los Pepes, Bog, Sunju Hargun, Patrice Bäumel, and Skyharbor among others.

Location: Mundhwa Road, Next to Koregaon Park Plaza, Mundhwa, Pune



The place is located in Ishanya mall opposite Zora and hosts a lot of events every week or month. It has indoor as well as outdoor seating, where outdoor seating has a huge capacity along with an amphitheatre.

The ambience is lively and spacious. However, if anyone wants to bring together corporate gigs, blueFROG won’t be the right place. Pretty much a thanda place when there aren’t any big events. Having said that, special event days are super expensive and their service goes for a toss at times because of the mob. BlueFROG has hosted eminent musicians such as Infected Mushroom, Theo Kottis, Eric Prydz, Collective Frequency to name a few.

Location: Ishanya Mall, Arcade 6, Opp. Golf Course, Off Airport Road, Yerwada, Pune



Look no further if you’re thinking of partying in Pune. Be it any day of the week, Unwind is the right place to set the dance floor on fire. This is one of the best clubs with the most comforting ambience and famous for bringing mayhem with various artists. Unwind never fails to impress with its impressive shockwave of live music, DJ line-ups, commercial nights, open mics, and also stand-up comedy sessions.

Starting from Vh1 Supersonic’s club gigs to Goa Gil’s ten hours extended sets, even official Awakenings after parties, to commercial homegrown DJ Chetas, they have hosted some of the coolest gigs in the past.

Location: 81/82, Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune


High Spirits

Started in 2005, always High on Spirits, this place is one of the hottest places in town to meet, greet and music, of course. Whatever has happened last year, has got nothing to do with the venue as a host to some best of musicians like Parvaaz, Parekh & Singh, When Chai Met Toast, Ape Echoes – Ape Machines, Luna Toke, Sau Poler, Peter Cat Recording Co., Blackstratblues, The Local Train, Motherjane to name a few. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements that are quite spacious. But, seating place could be a thing to hunt for on the gig nights. Do check out their Perfect Saturday Night if you are in Pune during the weekend.

Last year there was a buzz that people should boycott this place for the owner’s misogynistic activities towards women. Meanwhile, a bunch of people regardless of gender chose to tweet about their horrible experiences with the owner of High Spirits Khodu Irani. However, there are always two sides to a story and I think the matter still needs investigation. After this incident, High Spirits remained to be open to the public with a Zomato rating of 4.1.

Location: 35A/1, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Next to The Westin, Pune


Hard Rock Café

Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe, Hard Rock Cafe really lives up to the name. Started in 2009, this is the 8,500-square-foot cafe is the third cafe of its brand to open in India.

Apart from serving great American cuisine, HRC is celebrated for its music-fueled atmosphere. Featuring three separate sections, including a 120-seat eatery, bar zone, and 80-seat open patio, the café also has a Hard Rock’s signature Rock Shop®. Famous for live music gigs, the wide-reaching HRC Pune has hosted musicians/bands like Avial, Dhruv Visvanath, Thaikkudam Bridge, Underground Authority, Soulmate, Best Kept Secret to name a few.

Location: Plot No. 81/82, East Main Road, Koregaon Park Extension, Pune


Shisha Café

Born out a mutual love for music, Prithvi and Mehdi started this Jazz Café in 2003 January and over time, Shisha Cafe has become a name synonymous with amazing music, chilled out ambience, and quality food. In every sense, talk about an unusual place along with some jazz, Afro-Latin sounds also world music, Shisha Café can be a wonderful experience.

The spacious Indo-Iranian restaurant Shisha Café, also known as Shisha Jazz Café, is a combination of Indo-Iranian charm. Considered as the leading jazz spot in Pune, and perhaps one of the only pure jazz cafes in the country, the place hosts live bands on most Thursdays to their sharp spectators. Musicians from all over the world such as Gary Lawyer, Ashwabodhi (Germany), Kira Intrator (USA), Chhand & Friends, Global Unity, Subodha (Italy), Julian Howison (UK), Avraham (Israel), Junkt, Sanjay Divecha Jazz Trio, The Louiz Banks Trio, have performed at Shisha Café in the past.

This is a must-visit place in Pune.

Location: ABC Farms, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune


1000 Oaks

According to them, this is the ‘third place’ after your home and office. 1000 Oaks has the old school nostalgic charm.

A garden section, a non-smoking bistro, indoor as well as outdoor seating and a bar make up the place. The build-up is like an old colonial era house and gives you more cosy and welcoming approach. The ambience both outside and inside is just great; you can choose between having a calm dinner in the lawn area or being in the lounge area with great live music. If you’re into 80’s music and classic rock, this is the place to be at inside a busy city like Pune.

Location: 2417, East Street, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra

Do let us know which place you liked the most.

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