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6 Best Live Music Venues in Chennai



There are plenty of places where you can find live music in Chennai. Since Chennai is one of the largest metropolitans in India, it continues to be a fine blend of both the traditional and modern ways. Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Electronic and all other forms of music can be heard playing in the cafes and pubs of Chennai. Whether it is the Sunburn each year or the Classical music fests that happen all year round, culturally and aesthetically, Chennai never lags. Chennai holds a five-week-long “Music Season,” every December. It has been described as one of the world’s largest cultural events. The oldest choral group in India, “Madras Youth Choir;” too was founded in Chennai. Music definitely plays a major role here along with other forms of performing arts.

These are our favourite spots in Chennai for a dose of quality live music.


Bay 146

Bay 146 is a restro-lounge which has cosy cabanas, swimming pool and the best part, live bands along with a DJ console. The entire lounge is spread across three levels, which has plenty of space for everyone. Bay 146 gets its name from the 146 cocktails on its menu. Fridays and Saturdays are the days to wait for when live music from the most talented artists turn the entire floor to a club. If you enjoy a fusion of instrumental Carnatic and Western Beats, you might want to drop in here. From Yohan Marshall to Sid Sriram, Indo-soul, and The Mischief and Grasshopper Green have made their appearances here.
You might want to be aware of the cover charges they levy before you enter.

Where is it: Savera Hotel, 146, Radhakrishna Salai, Chennai


Bay 146


Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory offers a rustic ambience and comfortable seating that is sure to lighten everybody’s mood.  It has a culmination of good music infused with good food. The crowd is also pleasant and there will always be something new happening every time you walk in. They have different music playing every day. Most days they have several offers running on food and drinks so you won’t feel the pinch in your pocket. They house mostly local bands like the Blue Angels, for live gigs on Thursdays. There are special nights like Ladies Night on Wednesdays and Club Night on Saturdays. The parties at Big Bang have different DJs every week. The area is spacious and comfortable with lounges and tables spread across the floor. You’ll see people dancing and crooning to the tunes of Blues & Jazz, EDM & Dubstep every evening. Once, in Chennai, make sure you check this place out.

Where is it: Dr. Ambedkar Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai


Big Bang Theory


Sera- The Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Previously known as Zara, Sera is a Spanish Bar & Restaurant which serves the best Spanish cuisine in the city of Chennai. Now throw some live music in and you have the best combination that will make you never want to leave the place. The ambience of the place is that of an ancient house with modern cushions on sofas, paintings, and wall hangings. The area is huge which can accommodate plenty of people. It is a laidback place where you can bump into quirky people easily. However, children are not permitted here so it is absolutely for adults. If you stay till late hours at the bar, you will be able to enjoy Rock and Country music where the band interacts and dances with the crowd. It is enthralling to shout to the tunes of the songs you are most familiar with. Music from yesteryears have always attracted the seniors and you will see a lot of them having the best time of their life.

Where is it: 71, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai


The Tapas Bar


The Leather Bar- The Park

They call their live music nights Unplugged Wednesdays, with various artists from all across India. The Leather Bar is renowned for having state of the art décor and infrastructure that anyway attracts people. However, the music, be it on live music nights or DJ nights, bring more people than any other. The artists that they invite are powerful in themselves, thus, the class and refinement of the audience naturally take place. From Alvin Presley and Bjorn Surrao, to DJs like Ankytrixx, and Rudra has already set The Leather Bar on fire. Other artists like Sanea Bubbar, Nivedita Lakra, Lopa Mudra, and Ranga Sayee have also frequented the place. Their in-house DJs Akash and Joshua keep the energy high every day. The Leather Bar is a must visit in Chennai.

Where: 601 Anna Salai Road, Chennai


The Leather Bar


The Moon & Six Pence

If you read books as much as you love music, you will be quick to point out that ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ is named after William Sommerset Maugham’s book of the same title. The well-known band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ has already appeased the crowd with their music here. If you love soft rock, house, funk and jazz, you should definitely not miss this joint. The Moon and Six Pence has already gained popularity for bringing in artists from all genres. Western Acoustic and Classic Rock are somehow the most played music you will get to enjoy. If you are someone who is still stuck in the 70’s Rock ‘N Roll then you have to be here. Every Wednesdays, a retro theme party takes place to revive the 70’s era. They also arrange Hip-Hop music nights every Fridays.

Where: 19, GST Road, Chennai



The Vault, Bar Stock Exchange

The Vault is the place for Rock Music, Acoustic Fusions, Blues & Funk and any other genre as per the need. The Bar Stock Exchange in Chennai is the same as any other BSE located in other parts of India. They do have cover charges on entry. Interesting décor, fine food & drinks, versatile artists from the city and around make this place one of the best.

Where: Venkatnarayana road, Chennai



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